talks & demonstrations

I have been asked many times if I considered doing a stage act, I could, but I feel it would be detrimental to my serious use of hypnosis for healing.

Having said that, a little fun can demonstrate the power of the mind in a light hearted way, so I decided to try to get to wider audience, I advertised.

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'Now for Something Completely Different
Discover the power of your mind in your own home
Get a group together. Have fun with Hypnosis while learning
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The power of hypnosis in healing both mind and body.'

The aim was to demonstrate various things with suggestibility tests, how you can imagine a balloon tied to the hand, allowing the hand to float up, or a weight on the other hand encouraging it to go down. The imagined magnets between the hands pulling them together, or the imagined lemon cut into segments and then taking a big bite of a piece, bringing the bitter taste to the mouth, and of course, the stage hypnotists' method of getting the people on stage, the sticking of the hands together.

All of these demonstrate how the "Imagination" can create physical happenings, just by creating a picture of what you want and that this can be applied to any part of the mind and body. I use the swing of a pendulum to demonstrate the Ideo-Motor Response (unconscious movement) and how what you think can affect your physical body in many ways, including your performance in different sports.

Hypnosis has always excited me and what we can do with it. The object of these talks is to enlighten as many people as I can. If you would like me to come to your home, or group, just contact me.