past life therapy/regression

A lot of sceptics will tell you that there is no such thing as a past life. At this moment in time The Arthur Findlay College says that they do not exist. The scientist will tell you that it is a figment of your imagination, a film/play/story that is hidden in the back of your mind and played back. There are people that do believe in past lives, they believe that the purpose of each existence is to learn from the experiences in that lifetime and become a better person.

So 'you pays your money and makes your choice' as to what you believe, I have relayed elsewhere on this site the experiences and the stories that have been told to me on the numerous occasions I have worked with people in Hypnosis, in the regressed state.

The idea of reincarnation was first brought to the west, and popularised in the latter part of the 19th century by Madame Blavatsky. She claimed to have been taught the details of reincarnation as an integral part of a large fragment of the ancient philosophy, by masters of this knowledge who had preserved the knowledge intact. It is said the reason that we are not normally able to remember a past life is because we had a different brain but still the influence remains. At the moment of death we sometimes see the past life details and as we progress in our individual evolution we come to remember our past lives which have previously been forgotten.

What is the point of reincarnation?

Our souls are part of one soul, at the root we are one, each seemingly with separate individualities. We gain experiences, learn lessons, and ultimately, the consciousness of the universe gains increasing experiences, increases in relative perfection, and increases in self-consciousness. There is no end to the cycle, no end to increasing perfection.

My Method

Prior to starting, I show a picture of a corridor with lots of different coloured doors, even some around corners out of sight. The object of this is to allow them to choose a door to go through, a door which will be of interest/benefit to them in this lifetime. It is said that we repeat the same mistakes lifetime after lifetime bringing through the same behaviour, so if we can discover what it is, we can change it. Sometimes it changes automatically once the conscious mind is aware of it.

I use my normal routine to get the subject or subjects into the relaxed state. I do like to ensure that the person is three steps removed from the experience, by using a technique I have personalised, so if any trauma was to arise during the regression, they would be able to observe what was happening without negative reaction.

Ideally it is best working with just one person at a time, part of the reason being I do watch very carefully to see if there is any negative reaction to what they are experiencing, it can be very real.

I do get requests from mediums/psychic group leaders to demonstrate regression to their circle. The most I have worked with at the same time was thirty. The gentleman who ran this circle was very gifted, all but one of this group went into a past life, he was able to see who they were.

When working with large groups I am not able to guide them through their lifetime they have chosen, I have to just let them search for themselves. With smaller groups I can guide a little, when I say guide I mean to ask questions. I am very careful not to influence what they are experiencing. As they go through the door, down some steps, I suggest they look down to their feet, notice what clothes they are wearing, where they are, who is around and so on. I have come to recognise when they are coming to the end of that lifetime and gently guide them through it. I make sure that they come back to present day, to where we started, right down to the time; I take great care ensuring everything is back to normal.

My brief recollections of some of the people I regressed.

A young man came with his wife, she chose not to participate.

He told a simple story of being married to this beautiful women, describing his happy life, nothing momentous but I remember it because when I brought him back to full awareness, his wife was very jealous, he left trying to explain himself.

Two ladies that had only known each other for a short while but had become firm friends.

In the regressed state they started to giggle like children, they told me that they were Inca Princesses getting up to all sorts of mischief. They told of being carried aloft in a ceremony to thank the gods. As they grew older they told of other experiences, one stopped talking to me, when I ask the other what had happened, she told me that her sister had died in childbirth. Then she turned to me and said. "It was you" She said that I had been the Inca priest that had got her sister pregnant, the last she saw of me, I was being lowered into the tomb of the young lady, alive. Strangely enough I had been told a long time before that I had been a Inca priest?? ( make a note. Donít get a princess pregnant).

I suggested that she went through the rest of her life quite quickly, she remembers being an old lady and dying a peaceful death with her family all around her.I do find it interesting how time can be condensed, in the mind.

I was working with a group of four, I quietly asked the first lady what she was doing, she told me, I went to the next, the same, the third said she had not gone anywhere, just seeing felt she was in a beautiful mauve room, (healing?) I got to the forth, I said, and what are you doing? She said. "I have just had my arm cut off", just matter of fact, no emotion to it. I reminded her of three steps removed and allowed her to carry on. At the end of this session, I said to the others. "Poor old Anne had her arm cut off" She told us that she was an Englishman fighting the French "That wasnít the end of it, they set the dogs on me and tore me to pieces." So not all past lives are sweetness and light.

That story is one of the main reasons I continued to use the three steps removed.

This one was a very prim and proper young lady. When in the regressed state, I ask her who she was, she told me she was a man, I ask her what she was doing, playing cards she said, but I donít play cards, (her conscious mind popped in, in never goes away) I ask her, what are you gambling with, she said, a halfpenny, (old money which she was too young to have knowledge of) She giggled, when I ask her what she was laughing about, she said, Iím cheating. I asked if she was married, she said no, Iíve got a tart. All the way through this experience the man was smoking and coughing, I realised he was dying and helped him to pass through easily, he died around the age of fifty with problems with his lungs.

There have been so many people that have regressed with me, all I remember, for a lot of them is what/who they were. Geisha girls, carpenters, medieval knights, smugglers, (they were very reluctant to tell me anything) One was very difficult for me to gather any information, the young man lay down and died in a lane, when back to full awareness it was thought that the past life was deaf and dumb, that was a sad one.

This one was a pilot in the second world war, he was very rich and was at home at the time, when I ask him to move forward, he decided he didnít want to, he knew he was going to die, and as he said afterwards, he liked being rich.

This young lady moved into three different lives quite quickly, after we analysed why, we came to the conclusion that she needed, in this life to realise that you did not need to be a man to be strong. The first she was an giant of a man, a Greek soldier, very strong in battle, yet when he was dying (of a disease) he was consoling his wife, a gentle man. The next was an ordinary wife, but in control of everything around her. The third was a woman with facial hair and warts on her face, beating a black man for stealing a head of corn, not a very nice person. As we are given a choice at the beginning of a session to chose a life that will be of interest in this lifetime, as I said, she needed to realise why she had regressed to these three lives.

This one was very sad. A middle aged man, married with three children had separated from his wife because he wanted to change his sex, he was already using a feminine name and beginning the process of change.

He also regressed three times quickly, in each, as a woman, he was raped. The only conclusion I could come to, as to why he/she is as she is in this lifetime is at sometime he had said to himself. "This would not have happened if I had been a man "

I remember with one young man, in the middle of recalling a complicated story, said, "I think I am making it up" I said. "It doesnít matter, just carry on, he did and finished a very intriguing story. People are surprised that the conscious mind is still aware as to what is going on.

A young Irish girl being taken to America, a very detailed life.

Although getting married, a very lonely lady

. A lady lost three children in a fire but went on to remarry and be very happy and wealthy.

There have been so many more, all ordinary people, having normal lives. The publicity given to some that claim to be famous people in history, tend to attract negative comments from people that have not experienced it.

Here are just a few examples from people that have taken the time to put their experience into print.