My CDs

I have made five CD's.

  • Stop Smoking.
  • Lose Weight.
  • Healing and Confidence.
  • Meditations.
  • Past Life Therapy/Regression.

I can make personal CD's on any subject. If you have a favourite meditation, have it put on CD. The CD's are eighty minutes long so you can about five on each one. I have made a CD with stories for my grandchildren, so really you can have anything. All sessions are now recorded on CD.

This is just a couple of e-mails I have received from people who use the meditation CD's.


Hi Terry, hope you are well, I have been meaning to mail you with regards to the disc I had off you in Folky. I use the viz's every week in my group now and the girls absolutely love it. I have to admit that the countryside one takes me very deep indeed. The most defining moment to say how good the are though, was when the group I run in Birmingham managed to get through the whole meditation without one of them coming back. There are a few restless minds in that group so it must of worked well.

Thanks Terry, it appears to have been a good acquisition for me.


Thank you for the CDs. I have used your new Meditation one and loved it. Will try the losing weight one next week when I will have more time to myself. I will let you know how it goes.

Thanks again Jane