A brief history of Healing with Hypnosis

In 1830 a man by the name of Franz Anton Mesmer came to Britain and gave his name to Mesmerism, this was a healing technique based on the idea of "Animal Magnetism". He thought that all animated bodies were affected by magnetic force that also influenced the celestial bodies on earth. He did have many successes using his mesmerism, (later to be named hypnosis) He impressed a lot of important people. They opened infirmary's and did have a greater percentage of cures and a smaller percentage of mortalities than any other hospital in London.

In one demonstration in one of the infirmaries, the surgeon removed a cancerous breast, in front of a large audience all waiting to see how the lady would react to surgery without any form of anaesthetic, she awoke and thanked the surgeon and the Mesmerist.

Mesmer was a great showman; he made extensive use of passes and gestures, complicated apparatus, wires and rods, all useless but they did impress the gullible patient.

Doctor James Braid discarded the theory of Mesmer, he found that he could get the same results, at first he gave no verbal suggestions but having the client gaze at a bright object a few inches from their eyes until they fell into a deep sleep in which they responded to his commands. In his later practice he added suggestion to the physical means of hypnosis with much more excellent results. Braid was the first to use the word, hypnotism, coined from the Greek word, "hypnos" meaning sleep.

In 1935 a book was published, Transaction of the Medical group Theosophical Research Centre, the first Chapter was entitled Hypnosis and Magnetic Healing.
The above group dealt with the whole field of disease and medical treatment.

Ralph Slater

In 1945 he went to America as a stage hypnotist, the modern day equivalent of Paul Mc Kenna. After he became very successful, he hired Carnegie Hall and gave a demonstration to selected audience of 1500 doctors and nurses, he demonstrated how he could hypnotise a patient quicker than a doctor could give an injection. He said that his theatrical demonstrations is the quickest and most dramatic, he demonstrated his skills to enlighten as many people as possible, and in the faith of the curative powers of hypnosis. He said. "I have a definite mission to interest the public, and especially the medical field". Strangely enough, that is exactly the way I feel.

Earnest Rossi.

In 1986 he published a book called The Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing: New concepts of Therapeutic Healing. He say's it supplies the missing link between the theory that the mind can make a significant difference in dealing with disease. Emotions are processed by the body in creating physiological or biochemical change.

An article in a medical journal discussed how part of the brain is called the amydala and suggetsed that it is possible to talk to a key component of the brain that deals with the emotions such as fear etc. When the person is in an Hypnotic state, (relaxed) the amydala is relaxed and therefore not giving signals to the pituitary and adrenal glands to go into the 'Fight or Flight' or freeze response, and flood the body with stress hormones. This gives the immune system the time to build up and allows the body to heal itself.

At last the scientists are beginning to realise how important the mindset is to the health of us human beings. My simple personal theory is based on the fact that the body is continually changing, (i.e. skin replaces itself every two weeks, wall of the gut 2-5days, stomach lining 3-5days etc). So if we concentrate the positive thoughts to the dis-eased part of the body as it is renewing itself, why can't we renew it healthy? With hypnosis we shut down what is known as the critical centre, the part of the mind that says we can't do it, which allows us to at least try to affect the changes we wish for.

There is an Old Chinese saying.

"You cannot walk through the same stream twice."

It is the same with the body, we are never in the same body, it is changing from day to day.

Added to all of the above is the help/guidance we get from spirit. This includes the physical laying on of hands, transferring energy, distant/remote healing and the power of thought regardless of distance. Some of you reading this will be aware of the many different healing methods that are used, I will not go into them here, but they all do have the common denominator, the mind.

Quantum Science, (the new physics) is starting to talk in terms of atomic and universal entanglement, in other words all atoms were once connected and now continue to communicate with each other across vast distances and time. This sounds very much like the collective consciousness and goes a long way in explaining absent/distant healing. All of this bridges the gap between science and spirituality.

Any questions on any of the above, please do not hesitate to contact me.

There is no magic in healing. The prime directive of the unconscious mind is to keep us healthy, sometimes it has been given the wrong instructions, with hypnosis, and the right suggestions, the body will heal itself.

All of the above are only a fraction of the knowledge that is available regarding how the mind affects the body, and how Hypnosis can be used for healing both mind and body. Hypnosis is not new, the principles of thought control have been used for thousands of years in India, Egypt, among the Persians, Chinese and many other ancient civilisations. Miracles of healing by the spoken word and the laying on of hands are recorded in many early writings. The priests, shaman and medicine men of primitive tribes used the forces widely, and still use them today.

Healing, Medicine and Hypnosis have been linked in the press over the years, here are some examples of the headlines I have seen.