It's been over 24hrs now since my last cigarette and so far, I have not had one craving....

Just a few who have been kind enough to write back to me.

Hi Terry,

Many thanks indeed for the EFT CD - it is perfect.

It arrived this morning much to my delight. I really liked the leaflet too - it is a great aide memoir!

I have really enjoyed listening to the CDs.

Warm wishes - E

Hi Terry

Just thought I would drop you a line as I have I have just gone past my one year not smoking.

I now find myself not even thinking about a cigarette, which is pretty remarkable, as I was a 20 a day man, also living in a house with three other smokers does not trouble me at all.

My lung capacity has greatly improved and I have found a new hobby, mountain biking, which I am sure I would not been able to do as a heavy smoker.

Cheers Dave W.

(The thought occurred to me that he would be able to buy a decent bike with the £2,000 he saved, which is the average a person that smokes 20 a day.)

A thank you card

Terry, Apologies for taking so long to send this card. I feel truly blessed to have met you, I am completely staggered by the change in me since having spent a short time with you.

I am the person I've always wanted to be, but felt unable to be. I'll never fully be able to say just how thankful that I am that I met you at a difficult time in my life and show just how much our "chat" has changed my whole outlook on life and given me back my confidence, I found so hard to show.

Thank you so much.

PS. I have even found the courage to ask ***** to marry me, to which she luckily said, "Yes"

Hi Terry,

Well, it's been over 24hrs now since my last cigarette and so far, I have not had one craving. Even on the journey home this afternoon from Cambridge, that took over 3hrs, because of a hold-up on the Dartford bridge.

I would normally have smoked around 4-6 in that length of time, sitting in the car, and the hold-up would certainly been a trigger point for me to reach for a ciggie, so thank you with all of my heart for helping me on the road to quitting at long last. Would love to come and visit again at some point for maybe my phobia.

Anyway thank you again and also thank you for the talk with ***, he has reflected on it in a deep way and is going to listen to the CD you gave him. I feel that is not the last you will see of him, bless him, he really does want to recover from his addiction.

Speak soon.

Love DD

Hi Terry,

Thanks for letting me know. Am loving the cds so far. Been listening to the losing weight & healing & self confidence ones & I am sure they are working already.I certainly dont seem to be thinking about food so much any more which can only be a good thing.

Thanx again xxx S

Hi Terry,

I received the CD Monday, and i have had great nights sleep ever since, you are a star, thank you x x x

Hi Terry

I thought I must drop you a line to tell you that since I saw you on the 1st of January, just two weeks, I have lost half a stone. I have, without forcing myself at all, been eating only when I am physically hungry. I have been stopping when I am comfortably full. I actually ate too much at a party the other day (no where near what I used to eat!) and I felt dreadful for a few hours-bloated and uncomfortable!

Iíve been making meals and cooking healthier ones without even thinking. I have also had a few comments on how I seem personally. Happier, more positive, confident!

So anyway, I just wanted you to know how positive I feel and how this has impacted on my life in such a short time.

Thank you for everything you have done.


Hi Terry

Firstly I would like to express my sincere thanks for our session last Tuesday.

The presentation on Wednesday went very well. I was getting the usual sickly feelings and nerves creeping in for an hour or two beforehand and particularly when we were setting up the room, but thanks to the techniques you showed me with the breathing, anchors and just not let the thoughts in, (or at least to escalate) I was able to keep a lid on things. Once I had started talking, I felt more relaxed than I ever had in that situation, and I actually enjoyed the experience!!!

The response has been very positive and it looks as though the **** are going to take our suggestions on board.

I am so grateful for this! I will definitely be recommending you to anyone that needs your help in any aspect of their life, (if that's OK with you)

Thanks again.


This young man had a fear of speaking in front of too many people. I discovered that as a very young man he had been made to feel small, (his words) by someone in authority.

Being put down at any time in our lives, by someone who should know better, can stay with us for the rest of our lives, unless of course, we change it.

Dear Terry
I can never thank you enough for the help you are giving me. I have every confidence your tape will work for me. I am starting today, and will use the tape every day, even when I feel confident about my fears. I will never forget your help and never be able to repay you for being there for me when all else failed.
Yours sincerely

Dear Terry.
I would like to thank you again for helping me to stop smoking, it has been five years now. As you know I had been trying for such a long time after smoking for around thirty years, I had become desperate to stop. My last attempt has been with the doctor, using patches, drugs etc. which only succeeded in making me ill, so you were my last hope. With just the one session, I stopped completely with no withdrawal symptoms or any other side effects, to the extent that when my neighbour, the next morning, said he was going to the shops, asked, "Do you want any cigarettes" I answered, without thinking, "I do not smoke". Three days later I was standing in my kitchen when I felt dizzy, when I looked down I had lit a cigarette with out even knowing, it made me feel so bad that I have never smoked from that day to this, and never will, thank you again.

This lady, went out and bought dancing shoes and skirt with the money she had saved.

The following gentleman had a Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.

Hi Terry,
I wanted so much to tell you have much your gifted skills have helped me. My last visit has left a lasting profound affect on me, that's for sure and growth has been definitely noticeable. The inner child is not yet the full man but he is definitely growing out of the confines of his compulsions and learning to say a quite forceful no when the obsessive need to count or check wants to kick in. If the need comes to check anything, what I do is, I visualise the growth of the child to man within me and tell the compulsion that I am stronger now and that it is not needed.

What you showed me, in my time line therapy was how part of me had suffered arrested development and had remained frozen because of my trauma in my younger childhood. You also showed me that even as a foetus I had picked up understandable but internally transmitted sadness from my natural Mother because she knew she would have to give me away. Need to Grow, I remember was the clear message being given to me whilst undergoing therapy about a child in there whose emotional growth had been stunted and that was where the work was to begin in befriending the child and loving it into growth again.

This continues to resonate with me today, so much so I wanted to put into a picture form which I drew on the pain box on the computer. I have enclosed for you as a small keepsake of what you have done for me. Through growth, you spoke of elimination of darkness, and that is what I call the picture.

Please keep me posted if you should change address.

Mark had thought that his mother did not want him, I suggested that she had loved him dearly but due to circumstances, she had to part with him. Just changing the way he thought about it allowed him to change the way he felt. He felt he had to be perfect to be loved, just overdone it, double checked everything.

Hi Terry
Had to let you know how I got on with my flying fear.
We got to the airport and I felt calm like never before. There were times when I felt slight pangs of terror but they went as soon as they came. Tony asked me how I was but then said I appeared very calm, which I was. During the flight from start to finish I never shed a tear although there were a few moments of bad turbulence, that I was not very happy with but a lot of people felt the same so I felt better knowing other people felt nervous.

Coming back was much the same but landing was a bit scary but I accepted that as normal as other people felt the same.

I can't thank you enough as I now feel confident to travel long journeys as we are going to Florida in September and that is a ten hour flight. I now feel quite normal and don't look like a gibbering idiot who cries at the drop of a hat. Tony has told me that I must have to stop booking holidays so I may have to come and see you again, for my new addiction. (Holidays)

This lady came to me via her husband who I had helped to stop smoking. It had been said. "If you can stop him smoking, you can do anything".

Hi Terry, best wishes to you. I often talk to my students about that TimeLine Therapy session we had. You really removed a cross from my shoulders. You don't know how important you are to me. Can you send me your number and I will call you sometime.

Dear Terry.
Many thanks for our evening we spent together, It worked, as of course you knew it would. I am sleeping very well now and catching up on myself. I am coping a lot better to. I suppose I needed a shove, so thanks for the shove.

I would love to see you again when your not to overburdened with people, I would love to see you.

Hi Terry.
I feel so much better now, for that I thank you.
I am, at present filled with the most beautiful soft pink, and for this I thank you unconditionally, love has to be the most sweetest thing to receive, between you and Christine, I think I might pop. I am not sure I explained that very well but I know you will understand.

Thank you so much for your help, be in touch soon. My daughter may want to see you, re quitting smoking.

Hello Terry
Here's a strange thing. A new chapter has opened up in my life. For the last couple of months I have been working as a social carer in a nursing home and I am blown away, to put it mildly by how much I am enjoying it. I have hardly dared to say it out loud but I can't believe how much pleasure I am finding in spending time, individually with the residents. At first it was a bit of a culture shock as I had never worked in a nursing home before but now that I have adjusted I find I am slowly building relationships with some of the most amazing people I have ever met.
Another strange thing . There have been times, during my conversations with some of them that I have this funny inkling of hearing your voice in my head. Your lovely e-mails, with all your humour and wisdom have definitely influenced some of the things I have said to them. Yesterday when I was talking to one 80 something lady who was quite depressed, I know for a fact that your attitude towards trying times "leaked" into the comments that I was making to her. Afterwards she was smiling and she said, "You've certainly been well trained to understand, thank you I feel as if I now have a friend in here" I could have wept, I was so moved that she felt like that.

So mister Cool Angel, thank you for your e-mails. I know you are not responsible for the way I do my job but you have certainly contributed to my mindset. Thank you Terry

What is particularly pleasing, for me, about that letter is the fact not only was I able to help her, it enabled her to help others. I also liked the bit about being wise.

I contracted M.E. just before my 41st birthday due to a standard holiday typhoid injection. I was told that flu like symptoms may occur up to 24hrs after the injection, but I felt quite poorly a couple of hours after and gradually got considerable worse. Within six days after the injection I had been to my doctor three times as I knew I wasn't right and it was more than just a reaction to the injection. Luckily enough I had private medical cover and managed to see a consultant that had dealt with M.E. before. After a full examination, brain scan and numerous blood tests it was confirmed as M.E. Nothing could be prescribed for the condition, just a healthy diet and mineral and vitamin supplements daily. I lived with the condition for about eight months when a friend recommended hypnosis with Terry Baker. I had been hypnotised before on two separate occasions for smoking and fear of reptiles, both had worked wonders and therefore I was more than happy to see Terry. On speaking to him on the phone, to book the appointment he went through how hypnosis works and what would be involved when I actually saw him. He also said some of the most memorable words said to me. He said, "Your brain is telling your body when things are getting too much, it is telling my body to rest so my body can cope with the situation" That is what I did and I have never looked back. I know it sounds very basic but such sound words of advice has worked miracles, I never even saw him, it was done over the phone on that first call to him.

Some people can have the condition, for years, I only had them for eight months, I was lucky it was only months in my case. My life is so much better than before.

I am more laid back and calm now. I am actually pleased that I had M.E. and have come out a so much happier person than before, thanks to Terry.

It's lovely that Carol wants to give me the credit but it is her powerful mind to see things differently and act upon it, that allowed her to get better so quickly.

Dear Terry
I just wanted to thank you for yesterday and your hospitality.
It was an amazing experience and the lesson learned from that experience was just what I needed at that moment in time.

Your experience which you were happy to share with all of us was wonderful and I know that what I took away will and has had a profound affect on me. I know I would like to come and see you again.
Thank you once again

Dear Terry
Before coming to see you I was experiencing high levels of stress and anxiety, which was manifesting itself into panic attacks, an inability to concentrate, confusion, restless sleep and feeling of despair. The most frightening part of this that I felt my chest was constricted and that I could not breathe.

This was particular concern for me as I am going to university in September and felt unable to cope. During the sessions I felt a sense of relaxation that is even better than sleep. What we did indicated the part of my life that have caused me to have these perceived problems. When I realised the cause of my anxiety I felt an overwhelming sense of a burden being lifted off my shoulders. (I meant to say to you, at the time that I had felt a very strong sense of someone pushing against my right shoulder while in the relaxed state, I don't know what that means??)

I have so many opportunities ahead of me and I feel, thanks to you, that I can achieve anything. I feel much more confident and able to deal with life. I have waited to e-mail you to see if this feeling of contentment would continue. In the last few days I have achieved more than I had done in the previous weeks.

This feels like a complete transformation, which I can't thank you enough for. I often picture myself happy, smiling, confident. I picture times in the future that I want to be happy and successful, I truly believe I will achieve these things. Thank you so much for your direction in this.
Lots of Love

I feel I must put on record how my life has improved since receiving hypnotherapy and healing with Terry.

He was recommended to me by a pharmacist's assistant. Her niece had been cured of Bulimia after only one session with him. I consulted him as I had a problem with swallowing particularly large tablets, which I had been prescribed for Arthritis. Although I had managed to take them for quite a long period, I suddenly could not swallow them anymore.

Terry is the sort of person that immediately puts you at ease and after an interesting and amusing chat where he explained the principles as to what we would do. I went with an open mind, neither believing or disbelieving the therapy would work, but I did ask jokingly, as well as the tablets could he also cure my phobia of spiders, give me pain control over my arthritis and help me lose weight? However I also emphasised not to make me give up smoking as I enjoyed it too much. He said it was impossible, under hypnosis to make anyone do anything that they did not want to do.

I enjoyed a wonderful relaxing and peaceful session. Terry asked me if I would like a healing treatment, which he explained was nothing to do with faith or religion, but was harnessing natural energies and directing the energy to the part of the body in need. Still keeping an open mind I asked him to go ahead. It was absolutely fascinating. He held his hands a few inches above my head and after a short time I felt warmth coming down onto my hair as if I was under a heat lamp. He then placed his hands around my ankle, a joint which had been giving me a lot of pain for many years. Gradually a soothing deep heat penetrated to the centre of the ankle.

Once both of the treatments were over, Terry told me to stretch and slowly stand up, this was when I realised there was an amazing and an immediate result. A year previously I had an operation on the tendons of three fingers of my right hand, which wasn't completely successful as only the tips of my fingers moved. However as I started stretching I discovered that my fingers had become fully flexible and I could manipulate them properly for the first time since the tendons collapsed. Two other beneficial results came over a period of a few weeks, as Terry said they probably would. I lost a half a stone in weight without any effort, the craving for "bad foods" such as biscuits, sweets and cakes etc. had disappeared and I started to fancy "good foods" such as fruit salads and wholesome meals instead of fry-ups. With less weight my arthritic joint pain was diminished considerably and I was able to lead a more active life.

With regards to the spiders, when a rather large one appeared on the floor in front of me, instead running from the room in panic, I banged my foot down loudly and told him to clear off and it immediately scuttled off. I still don't like spiders but I am no longer petrified by them and don't mind being in the same room as long as they keep their distance.

Terry made me a personal tape so that I could do self hypnosis and relax at home whenever I felt the need, but the curious thing was despite all of this, I still could not swallow my tablets. Terry did not suggest I should stop taking the tablets but did suggest that the body was trying to tell me something. When I saw my rheumatology consultant I told him I had not been taking the tablets for several weeks but he decided that they were no longer necessary as the arthritis had improved so much. I told him about the hypnotherapy and expected a sceptical response but he was extremely interested and had apparently heard of an experiment where cancer patients had showed improvements after hypnosis. He laughed when I told him that a half hour session in bed with Terry did me a power of good, I was of course referring to my tape and not Terry in person! On the same theme I often go to sleep with Terry at night.

All this happened three years ago and Terry has been a great friend ever since. He believes, and I am sure he is right, that I had difficulty swallowing the tablets because my body was telling me not to take them as they were no longer needed. Everything else that I asked for help with happened, but Terry insists that he himself doesn't cure the problem, but guides and advises you so that you are able to help yourself. I am still smoking, but should I ever decide to give up I know exactly to stop, just go and see Terry.

As you may have gathered, in some cases I have asked friends to write down their experiences to show others what can be achieved with the power of your mind. Believe it or not I have also edited some of the nice things Jazz said, they made me blush!

Hope all is well with you, just wanted to let you know, things have improved greatly, thank you for your help.

This person suffered with IBS.