emotional freedom technique

Gary Craig was a student of Dr Callaghan (see TFT) but introduced a less rigid procedure. He explains this technique as "Psychological Acupuncture", tapping on Meridian points to eliminate the emotion attached to many physical and traumatic problems. Originally the points were tapped in a certain order, having spread throughout the world, with many different therapists using EFT, it has changed dramatically.

Just to mention, using EFT alone I was able to help one lady to stop eating chocolate/goodies, another cookies, and another that had a painful shoulder for nine months after having a bag snatched from her. All in the space of ten minutes.

For further information please visit www.emofree.com

As I have said before, this is not a technical site, you can find all of the above, and many more different therapies on other sites that go into these subjects more fully.