Clients Recollections of Regression

Here are just a few examples from people that have taken the time to put their experience into print. More will be added in the future as I receive them.

Ruth's Regression

Ok folks - The Past Life bit lol

On Saturday evening we had a choice of a Séance with Linda or a Past Life Regression with Terry (Merlin), who bless him had stood in at the last minute.

I decided to give the regression a go.

Having decided to give it a try I settled into a chair as soon as we got into the room and was almost immediately overwhelmed by a feeling of utter peace, I think I had managed to put myself into an altered state somehow, (Must try to do that again sometime lol). Terry showed us each a picture of the corridor that he would take us into in meditation, with lots of doors of different colours on all sides of the corridor.

After inducing us, Terry asked us to enter one of the doors, choosing one which we felt would be useful to us in this lifetime - I chose the Pink door and walked in. We were asked to take three steps down into the room and then to look down at our feet and see what was there. This I duly did and thought ‘O blast, I've still got my shoes on - this isn't going to work' - how wrong was I!

After a short time, Terry came over to me and asked me where I was. All I could do was chuckle and tell him I was hiding. I felt very naughty, and when he asked me my name and it was Joe. I was 5 or 6 years old and I was hiding from the man who was chasing me. I had stolen a pie form a window. When I looked down this time I saw that I had nothing on my feet, they were brown and dirty, and I was wearing a piece of rough cloth like sacking, tied at the middle with another piece of cloth. When Terry asked me where my parents were, I replied that I didn't have any - never. I also lived in a tree, not a tree house but IN a tree, a hollow in a tree trunk. I was very cheeky and I know that Michelle was howling trying not to laugh out loud bless her while this was going on.

Terry then asked me to step forward a few years and tell him again where I was. I found myself stood in a workshop, a carpenter. Terry asked how old I was - 15 years, and I was apprenticed to one William Blakeway, Cabinetmaker. For some reason I knew that I was working making drawers with dovetail joints and that seemed to be quite important to me at the time. I think that ‘Mr William' as I called him was probably more than just my employer; he felt more like a guardian too. At that time I was living in an attic above the workshop.

Terry pulled us all back at that point, to discuss what we had found.

Before I go to the next life that I visited, I will just say that having had a day or two to absorb this Terry, I feel that this might explain my battles with food, and on Sunday I was even able to leave the Restaurant without eating my desert, as I felt I didn't need it - breakthrough or what - leaving food on the table, not like me at all!

The second time we regressed it was a much faster induction into the Alpha state, and as soon as I walked thought the Green door, I looked down to see that I was wearing bright red patent shoes. A further inspection revealed silk stockings and the most gorgeous ‘flapper' type dress, the sort worn in the 192o's. It was Silver and had lots of embellishments on it and I had a long string of beads twirling around my fingers. And oh boy was I skinny lol. As I looked up at the place where I was I recognised it as Boston in Lincolnshire, which is near to where I was born in this lifetime. I was stood on the dockside, waiting for a man coming off a boat. It wasn't many seconds before I realised that I was not waiting for a particular man - any one would do, as I was a ‘Lady of the Night' as Terry tactfully put it. Whilst I was in the regression I had absolutely no problem with my profession, I was happy and content to be doing this. As Terry pulled us back, I felt that I was pregnant, but didn't have a very good feeling about it. I do know that I was known as Mary Jordan and that it was 1922, so I will be researching that for sure.

I know that I was very shocked when I came back about my lifestyle then, and managed to make a good laugh about it, because quite frankly I was very disgusted with myself. Again, having had a couple of days to cogitate on this, I am aware that maybe there is a thread of abuse that has run through more than just this lifetime and the one in the 1920's, and that if I am to stop this cycle it is something that needed to be addressed. I feel that I have managed to do that in this life now, and feel confident that it will be something now for the past.

I would like to thank Terry for his help, and although at the time of coming out of the evenings work I did not immediately see the value of these experiences, I have found their meaning to me now, and rest assured it will be a marker for sure on this path I am walking in this lifetime.

Thanks Terry xxxx


Aarons Recollection

Details of "My Life"
Ever since I was young, or as far back as I can remember I have found myself drawn to one interest that has constantly over ridden all others in my life, yet I cannot completely understand why. This has been ongoing since childhood, but recently has ‘stepped up' in its content and frequency.

Before I continue, I had better give you a clearer image of who I am etc. I was born the 11th of April 1976, the youngest of five, my parents are divorced but have been in a new relationship for some time, my family life is average/normal. Upon completing secondary school I went on to do a year long course in Art, followed by my only, but ongoing case of illness-being diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukaemia in the summer of 1993. After having successful treatment for this I went on to do a two year course of graphics, which I was unable to complete due to illness. I am a very open minded person and am not easily swayed or influenced. I always try to put 100% into what I do and enjoy a reasonable social life.

Details of events.
The ‘interest' I referred to above is the 1965-75-Veitnam War. This is an interest that has passively grown throughout my life. The basic details, of this war are now well documented, I cannot tell you in concrete terms why or when my interest in this conflict began, but I did collect all of the information on this war I could, also music and cars of the time.

It is however more recent events that have left me confused, a little upset and wondering what is going on. These events that I refer to are ‘recollections', I call them this because at the time I was neither asleep, consciously daydreaming or watching TV at the time, but usually doing everyday things, when I would have a ‘flashback' to places or of events or people I did not know or have ever seen/been to.

This first happened one day early in 1977 when I was looking out of my bedroom window. It was daytime, and it was sunny, the view from my window is restricted to my left by an extension wall. In my garden we have two very old trees which back onto houses, between the houses I can see south over my area, South London. On a clear day you can see for many miles.

I was lent on the window ledge, looking for nothing in particular, when I took my view the skyline in the distance. Suddenly I found myself outside, standing in a tropical region, taking in the view of the jungle covered valleys in the distance. In front, and slightly below me was what can be described as a large open flat ‘excavated ‘ area of ground, It was muddy, a deep red brown that went to my left, right and ahead of me was a grassy ‘drop'.

There were men dressed in green, all dotted around carrying long black rifles. Some of the men were only half dressed, (I remember the sunburn) and those I saw were 30/40 yards away. Also dotted around were dugouts/sandbags and crates etc. The image was gone in a second, but it really threw me. I couldn't understand what I had just seen, and I felt very confused.

The next time this was to happen was about 11o/c at night as I readied for bed in early June. My bathroom is near the front landing window, and I have a habit of looking out of the window before I go to bed. It was raining heavily that night, and you could see the reflections of the cars as they go by, I was happily about to go to bed when a bus pulled up, illuminating a large puddle in the road.

Suddenly, the same happened as before, I found myself looking through a window down onto a large wide street that looked like the downtown area of an American town/city. It was still night although it had stopped raining, the light in the puddle was now created by small shop fronts and street lights. There were a few cars, some were parked or driving past, they seemed to be older type cars, big and boxy. The thing that really struck me was the reflections of the cars on the wet road as they drove on. This sudden recall made me feel uncomfortable to the point I could no longer stand at the window, so I went to my bedroom, but it happened again.

I got ready for bed and turned out my light, thinking about what had just happened. Deep in thought I again got up and looked out of the window to the sky, I was about to return to my bed when a second flashback happened. This was similar to before, but the view this time was a quiet leafy urban street, lined with tall trees. The houses were large and old with steps that led up to the doors, there were leaves all over the place (autumn?) I found myself in a room roughly set out as my own, different wallpaper, different windows. I felt in a state of shock, as if someone had walked over my grave. The same night I had vivid and disturbing dreams, the first was as follows.

It was night time, in dense jungle. It was very humid, and I saw all that went on through my own eyes. There was a lot of activity going on around me, though I was unable to make out a lot because of the dark. I remember putting a crate/box on the ground, when as I did the ground lit up like daylight, which I think was a flare. Suddenly, things took on a hurried urgency, we had to get into cover or get out from where we were because something was going to happen. I remember dropping everything and running to my right, and getting down on the ground. All of a sudden there was a lot of gunfire from the area I had been in; I could see the muzzle flashes against the trees. It was very strange because the flare was swinging left to right as it came down, and this made the shadows move about, (just like a light bulb when it swings). I remember everyone returned fire, except I couldn't because my rifle was on the ground in front of me, why, I don't know. The next thing was that someone on my left caught my eye, and as I looked I saw a man, or what was left of him, being thrown up into the air with smoke, dirt and mud flying all over the place. What hit me was the look of pure stony shock on his face, it was like slow motion and his face was blank but retained the look of shock.

The next thing I saw was a man who had been to the right of the man just killed, stand up. I remember he had his helmet on and his sleeves rolled up, he had a machine gun in his hand and was yelling loudly. No sooner had he stood up he was hit and thrown back down again. All I could think was what a f****** idiot, he should have kept down. As the firing died down we made our way back to where we were when the fighting originally broke out.

As we proceeded we came across men from our side, all dead. Everyone was deeply shocked and was shouting for help in anger. It seems the dead men had been chased into our line of fire, and then had been cut down by both sides in the ensuing fight that took place, I must say this disturbed me to the point I almost cried.

The second part of this experience was as follows, although it was only brief as I woke up. I remember lying on a beach in a tropical region, a typical holiday scene, lots of people were relaxing, I know I was wearing knee length chequered shorts and possibly sandals, it was very hot. There were trees dotted along the edge of the beach and I know I was with two or three people but I can't remember who.

When I awoke I lay thinking about what I had seen, and it had a very strong emotional affect on me, I couldn't believe what I had seen. I have many snippets of things, such as helicopters landing, but these were just bitty images. I know I love American things and I have always had a strong love of camping and the outdoors. I cannot say why or what these images are and I am hoping you can shed more light on them, and put my mind at rest.

Thank you in advance for your help.

When Arron came to me, it was obvious that he wasn't well, so I decided not to do regression, but a healing session. At the end, when I brought him back to full awareness, he said he had regressed anyway and what he had seen in his flashbacks / recollections he did experience in the regressed state. He felt he had lived/died in the Vietnam war. As he say's, he was born in 1976 and the Vietnamese war ended in 1975 which I found interesting?

Just a little aside from that story, the very next day I had a call from his stepmother, she said that Aaron had not stopped talking about me, she asked "Can you help me to get pregnant" in my talks later I said, I replied. "I am 6* but I will do my best." I didn't of course, but it did make some people laugh. When she eventually came to me I was able to help her to relax and hopefully have the children she so desperately wanted


In my recollections of people, that I have regressed there have been many varied and in depth interesting lives, just ordinary people in different times having different experiences.