Case Studies
our minds can be programmed to eat too much...

Short Recollections of some case histories using Hypnosis, NLP, TLT and EFT

I do not run a business, or advertise so all of the cases of people below, as you will see, came to me by word of mouth.

Just brief recollections.

A man came to me because he could not sit as a passenger in a car, he felt that he was not in control. With a mixture of NLP and hypnosis I was able to convince his unconscious mind that he was safe, so the problem disappeared.

Six months later I had a call from a lady that wanted to stop eating chocolate, she came to me via a young lady in her aerobics class whose father I had helped to be able to be a passenger in a car (see above). I was able to help her to stop eating chocolate, she told me that she would buy two bars of chocolate at one end of a little town, and finish them before she got home, so she was pleased to get over that perceived problem.

That success meant that I started to get calls from ladies in her aerobics class wanting to lose weight, again overeating is something that is learnt, there is a reason for it. What I do is to try and find that reason.

Examples of how our minds can be programmed to eat too much.

When I was young we had food rationing, during and after the war, when money was short, we were told not to leave anything on our plates, as that would be a waste, those instructions can stay with you for life, unless of course. You change them. There are so many reasons why people become overweight and have difficulty losing it and keeping it off. We have to be careful what we say to our children, any instruction, by a person in authority, to a child, can create a lifetime of a negative behaviour.

A mother brought her daughter to me suffering from Bulimia; she was able to recover from this in just one session.

As you may of gathered not many people get back to me to say what we did worked, they seem to take it for granted that it will. I do believe that the belief that it will work is a great asset.

A couple of months later I got a call from a lady who asked me if I could help her to swallow a lot of tablets that she was supposed to be taking for her severe arthritis, again when I asked her where she had got my name from, she said that she had gone into her chemist in a totally different area, to see if he could help. He couldn't, as she was going out the door the lady assistant said that her niece had seen this man in Nazeing who had cured her of her Bulimia, that's the way it seems to go round.

When this lady came to me, she had a list of all the things that was wrong with her and what she wanted to change. Writing down things just reinforces the problems, as does repeating them. This lady's arthritis was really bad, her ankles were like lumps of concrete and her hand had been folded shut for 17mths after an operation. All we did was a simple relaxation and healing routine with the suggestion that she would be able to swallow her tablets, when I brought her back to full awareness, her hand had opened, and stayed open. She was very excited and said that she could wiggle her toes as well. I had a call from her four days later saying that she was still improving but she still couldn't swallow her tablets, she'd even lost her fear of spiders and we didn't work on that. I suggested that she see her consultant, because I would never tell a client to stop taking their prescribed medicine. When she did he said, "What happens when you don't take the tablets?" she told him there was no difference, he told her that she obviously didn't need them. I think that is a great example of the unconscious mind at work. The consultant did ask her why she appeared so happy, her answer was, "I go to bed with Terry every night" when he looked puzzled, she explained that I had made her a tape, which she went to sleep with.

At a later date she had to go into hospital, in there she loaned my tape to a lady who's blood pressure would go up dangerously before her operation, with the aid of the tape she was able to relax and in doing so, her blood pressure went down. Fear of the unknown was making her panic, this happens to a lot of people. Another good example of how the mind can affect the body.

A young man came to me, he was training to be a plumber and he had a fear of spiders, can you imagine? He really could not have chosen a worse profession when having a phobia about spiders, under sinks and lofts are the spiders' favourite places. Again we were able to convince his unconscious mind that in the main, spiders that he was likely to meet, were not dangerous. The next day at work his workmates put spiders on his arms and were surprised when he did not react as before. (People can be cruel).

I have been giving talks and demonstrations for many years now, Women's Institutes, Towns Women's Guilds etc. I always ask, "Who's frightened of spiders?" I get a certain amount of hands go up, then I ask, "Who's mother's/father's/ grandparents are frightened of spider's" the same hands go up. It's a learnt procedure, as a child we see and hear an adult, jump, scream, when they see this little creature so we think that's what you have to do, silly isn't it? Not rational is it? This poor little thing is looking up and saying, "What the h*** is that", laughter can change many things. Perhaps a fear of wasps or bees is more easily understood but I have been able to dispel those fears quite easily, as with birds, cats, dogs, feathers and worms. I had a lady come to me with the fear of worms; her cat was bringing them into the house. (Isn't it strange how cats bring in these little presents for their owners? Mice included).

You might wonder how do you get a fear of worms? My theory is, when a child sitting quite innocently in a garden picks up a worm to put in her/his mouth, the mother screams, the child thinks they must be dangerous, just like spiders. The fear of butterflies, (perhaps know that a bee stings but sees butterfly?), buttons, (created in the same way as worms?) Feathers, a child collecting eggs in a chicken coup, a rat runs through, all the chickens fly up, feathers flying, feathers bring back a nasty memory.

I received a call from a lady (recommended by the lady unable to swallow her pills), in a high street she came across a flock of pigeons, she was unable to walk past the pigeons to have lunch with a friend at the other end of town. At the sea side, seagulls dive bombed people for food, contributing to a fear of birds. I don't suppose the horror film The Birds, by Alfred Hitchcock helped much.

Many other seemingly harmless things are not so easily understood. A young lady came to me to help her stop blushing; she would go bright red in many situations. When she left I had no way of knowing if what I did worked, but six months later she came back, she had found a wonderful young man, he was taking her to foreign parts, so she would have to fly and ride in small boats, again I am sure it worked.

Another lady came to me to help her stop drinking too much. She had been away for a weekend in a hotel, had drunk too much and made a fool of herself, so she didn't go out of her room for the rest of the weekend. Silly as it may sound, I asked to speak to the part of her mind that would ensure she didn't do it again, so in the future she would be able to socialise by having an alcoholic drink but stop before she had too much. I had no way of knowing if it had worked, but six months later I had a call from the lady's sister asking me to do the same for her, so it had worked. I do get the strangest of requests sometimes. I have said that I will take on anything, so I can't complain.

Another lady had a fear of water, she had young children and wanted to swim with them, we were able to eliminate her fear in one session, and she left looking forward to going swimming with her children.

A lady dental surgeon came to me with a different problem; she kept waking up at three o'clock every morning. I discovered that a little while back she needed to get up at that time to catch a flight to go on holiday, she gave herself the instruction, "I want to wake at three o'clock" she forgot to cancel it, so her unconscious mind continued to wake her at three. A young lady came with this lady, she wanted to lose weight, I try to get the client to create the scenario in the future, seeing themselves as they want to be, within reason of course. To do this I ask them to recall a time in their past when they felt good, confident, to anchor that feeling, to be able to use it when she wanted to. Many ladies have difficulty recalling a confident time. Her friend had to remind her of all of the swimming medals she had won, she hadn't even thought of that.

You may not be surprised to find that the most frequent requests I get is to help people to stop smoking. This is again a learnt procedure, when you were born the midwife didn't say, "This one will be a smoker". Usually it is learnt in our teens, friends smoke to look grown up, so to fit in, we copy them. Ask any smoker if they really enjoyed their first cigarette, they usually say, "It made me feel ill, cough and splutter etc", but they persisted. There have been times when, over a period of months I have had 100% success with just one session, but sometimes, a month or two later I get a call to say they have started again, when asked what made them start again, they say for some reason they had a stressful situation and they resorted to their crutch of many years. In these cases I have to try and delve deeper into the other reasons they feel the need to smoke. This shows that there is an emotional attachment to smoking. They will say that it helps them to relax, of course it doesn't, they just associate it with a time of sitting and resting, let's face it, if they did help people to relax at the end of a day those that smoked 20/40/60 cigarettes a day would be very laid back, but they are not. The first thing ladies say about stopping smoking is "I know I will put on weight" of course they will, they keep giving themselves the instruction to do so.

What you think is what you get, or perception is projection. In another case I helped a lady to stop smoking, the next day she had an appointment with her Dental Hygienist, part of her job is to advise her clients not to smoke, pointing out what it does to teeth and gums, she was impressed on how easy it had been for this lady, so she asked her for my address. In the next few months she sent me a few people, eventually bringing her own father who had a triple heart bypass operation. (He was still smoking?) She sat with him while I did the routine and also succumbed to a relaxed state. They both left quite happy. It was much later I discovered, that prior coming, with her father, she also smoked and she stopped smoking from that moment on. As I said, sometimes the person who has come to sit in with the subject benefits in some way.

Sometimes, after stopping someone smoking I find they have another perceived problem, one gentleman asked me if I could improve his golf. He said that on a local golf course, on a certain hole, there was a big lake, every time he teed off, he would knock his ball into this lake, again I was able to demonstrate with the aid of a pendulum how he did it. He saw the lake and said to himself. "I don't want to hit it in the lake" The unconscious mind does not accept negatives, so in fact he was telling himself to do exactly what he did not want to do. You must always focus on what you want, not the other way round.

Every so often someone comes to me with a different perceived problem. A very bright and talented young lady had gone off to university, having achieved great results in all of her exams. I knew her and thought she was very balanced as a person and was the last I would of suspected of having a problem settling into university life, but after a short period, she had to come home, she had started to suffer panic attacks. She took a year out and was fine, but the thought of going back again, brought on all of the panic sensations. In the relaxed state, (hypnosis) I used the ideo-motor response of the index finger, to indicate at what year of her young life this problem had started. The answer surprised her; it was worrying about what others thought of her, that simple.

Talking of exams of any sort, school, driving. What usually happens is that when faced with taking a test, we tend to freeze, our mind goes blank, but if we can relax everything we have learnt we can access easily. Everything we have read or practised is in stored in our brain. What I usually say when the client is in the relaxed state is, "Whatever you read or hear that you wish to remember, you will remember".

All of the above are just a few examples of what can be achieved with Hypnosis. I always encourage ladies to bring a friend; I find it helps them to relax more easily, whereas therapists trying to earn a living do prefer to see one at a time. As I have mentioned I have found that the other person sitting in on the session also benefits. Sometimes more than the client at that time, they cannot not listen, and follow all of the suggestions; headaches vanish, as does the pain in parts of their body. I will, and have taken on anything that I have been asked to, with varying success. Compulsive disorders, anger management, fear of flying, drug taking' the list is endless.

These examples above are just to show people that they do not have to suffer any of these perceived problems, they can be changed, if not solely just with hypnosis but by use of other therapies. I have seen and heard people saying, "I have tried hypnosis and it didn't work" If it didn't work it is the fault of the Hypnotherapist, he did not find the underlying cause - Find another practitioner.

As you may imagine when I am out socially at a gathering of some sort, people that know what I am and what I do, pester me to show them how it works, some say "I bet you couldn't hypnotise me", my reply always is, "I cannot hypnotise anyone that doesn't want to be" but they always persist asking me to try, again I refuse, but will explain to them, and others listening, what I say when I am in a session, I explain everything so that nothing I do comes as a surprise. Point out that you are always in total control all of the time.