psychic development

I have used hypnosis to help people to get into the relaxed state ever since I started (for some examples please click here). Most people are taught to meditate, (just hypnosis without the deepeners) to enable them to see and hear spirit. The difficulty that some people have is to be able to switch off from all of our worldly thoughts, what I am I going to get for dinner, mustn't forget to pick up the cleaning, etc. With hypnosis I am able to turn off what is called, "The critical sensor" the part of the mind that questions everything and allows the mind to relax and accept what they see and hear, and of course, feel, without questioning too much.

In the past I had a lot of young people becoming Clairvoyant, (seeing) and Clairaudient, (hearing) in one session. Over the years people have seen their guides, loved ones etc. One man came to me having seen a medium who had told him to find a shaman to help him see his animal spirit guide, he saw it very quickly, a Polar Bear. So perhaps that's all that they are/were. All the same thing, just with different names; Wise man, Witch Doctor, Medicine Man, Shaman, Wizard, Dream Seer and many other titles they have been given in the past.

I am not to go into any of this in depth because I hope to add some lovely ladies' sites to my links page for you to find out more about all aspects of what sometimes is referred to as the "The Paranormal" but of course, it is normal.