psychic development examples

I have found that it is much easier to develop Clairvoyance / Clairaudience etc. in an altered state, ie hypnosis, as I have said before; the conscious mind is put to one side to allow the unconscious mind to explore other possibilities, other vibrations.

In this case a well known medium brought her eighteen year daughter to me because she was being inundated by voices and pictures in her head, (spirit). This lady was a working medium in her own home, she said she would have to stop if the problem continued with her daughter.

The young lady came to me with her fiancé, he had no interest in the ‘Paranormal' so he decided just to observe. I used my normal routine to get her into a relaxed state. It was also a very simple task to explain how she could control what had been happening to her.
What was interesting was that as we were concluding the session her fiancé lent forward, a bit alarmed, and said, ‘she is blowing out white smoke' then as he looked across the room he said he could also see wavy lines, I took this to be energy (torsion) waves. Regarding the white smoke, the next day, reading a book by Betty Shine, she had a client that filled the room with white smoke, she said it was negativity. The young lady went on to be the youngest medium in a well know establishment. What I also found interesting is that a lot of people take years to develop the ability to do what the young man saw without trying.

At one time a lot of young people were coming to me, more out of curiosity, past lives being one of the interests, obviously being guided to me because all of them became Clairvoyant and Clairaudient in one session. The strange thing, as far as I was concerned, was that the same young guide appeared to all of them, a lady named Clara, we found that she had died in the French revolution, she was lots of fun, with one young man, I ask, ‘is Clara here yet?' he said ‘no, but here she comes' she was dressed as an elf, singing, Hi Ho, Hi Ho and off to work we go. Not your normal guide but perfect for the young people.

A young man, an eighteen year old son of a lovely medium, was becoming a bit of a problem, his father had died when he was nine, his mother, in desperation had suggested that he come to me. He had said, ‘If Terry can help me see my father, I will love him forever' In the first session, he not only saw his father but also his grandfather, who said to him, ‘It's about b***** time you can see us' He obviously had the same gifts as his mother. I did get told off though, because I brought him back before he had wanted to, but I pointed out that now he can see them now whenever he wants to. I have learnt to warn people that we will be returning, just to give them time to say their goodbyes.

Over my lifetime in sport, I did a lot of damage to my physical body. Having been introduced to healers, during my wife's illness, I decided to see if they could help me in any way. I went to many different centres and found that at the end of the evening, when the healers had all finished with their clients, they would congregate and I would be instrumental in healing the healers, this happened wherever I went. So now I use hypnosis for healing in all of my routines or whenever an opportunity arises.