my history
A picture of Terry Baker

I was born in Tottenham, part of London, before the Second World War. After the war I did all of the things that children do, go to school, play games and started to participate in different sports, which I continued to do for the rest of my life. I left school at 15 and started an apprenticeship as a Dental Technician, over the years learning every aspect of Dental Technology. I stayed as a Dental Technician for the whole of my working life. Also at the age of 15, having attended a church for many years, I came out of church one day and asked myself what do other religions think of mine? I came to the conclusion that they all think they are the correct one.


Around the age of 18 I bought a book on Hypnosis by a gentleman by the name of Ralph Slater, a stage hypnotist, an equivalent to Paul McKenna of modern day. Apart from his stage shows in America and Great Britain he hired a hall and demonstrated to doctors and nurses how hypnosis could help in medicine, anaesthesia, healing etc. That interested me greatly, I will talk about this later. At the age of twenty one I married the lady in my life, Eileen.

In our early twenties my wife decided to see a medium, an ordinary bus drivers wife (don't know what I expected), I only had a vague idea of what she did. While listening to my wife's reading I kept wondering how she did it, saw what she saw and heard what she heard, every time I had a thought, (like a think balloon in a cartoon) she would answer it. The lady turned to me and said, "you don't want a reading, you just want to know how it all works", she was right, that really instigated my interest in the metaphysical side.

Much later in life I took a Diploma course in Hypnosis and Psychotherapy which was advertised locally, over the period of a year I took the course and got my Diploma. I have read lots of books, listened to CD's and watched lots of DVD's on Hypnosis and something called Neuro Linguistic Programming. All of these showed me the power of the mind to change any aspect of our life and behaviour patterns. One book that really stood out at that time for me was The Psychobiology of Mind-Body Healing by Ernest Rossi. On the back page it says, this book supplies the missing link between the theory that the mind can make a significant difference in dealing with disease. I went on to study more books on how the mind affects the body, and vice-versa.

At the same time I met a lovely lady, through dentistry, named Christina Davis, she worked as a secretary in Belgrave Square in London which was a centre where top mediums were trained and worked. Mediums such as Ivy Northage and Ursula Roberts, they were Christines friends. Christine bought me a set of books, Yogi Philosophy by Yogi Ramacharaka, (first published in 1903), the basic one is Fourteen Lessons, I can only describe it as being like a car manual for the so called Paranormal, they covered everything from Aura's, Telepathy, Clairvoyance and Thought Dynamics. The books tied together both of the subjects I was interested in.

I had taken the Diploma in Hypnosis and Psychotherapy mainly to help my wife, but with all of what I had learnt at that time, I was unable to help her in the way I would have liked to, she died from a long term illness.

I decided to try and share the knowledge I had accrued and started to give talks and demonstrations to anyone that would have me, to enlighten them of the power of their minds and take away the fear and misconception that stage hypnosis tends to create.


In Waltham Abbey there is a healing group ran by some voluntary helpers, it is called ‘The Will Ellen healing centre'. I understand that the group was started many years ago by the carers of an elderly couple, who when they died left a little money for the carers to set up this group; hence the name. They have a speaker for an hour and then stop for tea and biscuits (I do believe that this is a prerequisite for healing groups). The normal routine is then for the volunteer healers to set up in a large room for the clients to sit with the healers, for one to one for healing.

The first time I was asked to talk there I was surprised to be asked to take the healing session as well. Never having done anything like this before I decided to get them into groups of eight with one of the healers in each group, there were at least sixty people. I did my usual routine to get them all into a relaxed state, I then asked the healers to come back to full awareness, and at my suggestion place their hands briefly on the side of the temples of each of the people in his group, breathe in and ‘imagine' the energy passing down into the person, boosting their own natural healing powers. My suggestion was that when the hands were taken away they would still feel the gentle pressure of my hands on their temples. All this was done in a short space of time. When I brought them all back to complete awareness, there was quite a lot of excitement as to what they had felt. I finished the evening off by getting them in their circles, to clasps hands and again ‘imagine' passing the energy around from right (sending), to left (receiving), again this caused some excitement. I don't know where the idea for this came from as I had never attempted anything like it before. I have since had the same results with smaller groups, always very powerful. I have had the pleasure of going back three or four times to give talks and demonstrations on different subjects.

I also attended other evenings, with other speakers, one evening I was asked if I would help out as the was a shortage of healers that night, I did point out that in the main I used my voice and words to initiate healing, so if they could find me a quiet corner so as not to disturb the other healers, I would be quite happy to help out. I was given a lady to work with. I whispered close to her ear what I normally say, to get her into a relaxed state, placed my hands on her temples and did what I always do. When we had finished I was pleased to find that she had asked to see me next time. They also told me she was stone deaf? It did encourage me to do more hands on healing.

In 2006 I had a trance reading with Japar, the guide of a young man named Jay Love. In it he asked me if the name Stainton Moses meant anything to me, it didn't. In 2007 a friend found the name William Stainton Moses for me. It would seem that he had been a minister in the church until he found he was seeing and hearing things outside what was considered normal. He also found he could levitate, enormous tables would move around. He decided to investigate and was one of the founders of The College of Psychic Studies, in London. Japar said that he had been with me most of my life; it did answer lots of questions for me, why I had to know how everything works. I was told by Japar to contact TCPS, he said they would answer and they did, they became very excited until I told them that to my knowledge I was not channelling him.

My over analytical mind does tend to make life a little difficult for me.


Forty five years ago I attended a working mans college to learn how to model clay. I made a few heads and male and female figures about two feet high, (both with no clothes on). Quite good, even if I do say so myself. Forty years later, and retired, I decided to have another go. I decided just to make a face, as I built it, I made the nose bigger, the creases heavier and so on, then I decided to make it look Greek, didn't like the hair so made a cowl over the head with a point at the front. I made a mould and made a clay face that could be baked, which I had done. I thought no more about this until a few years later I was looking on a part of Diane Cooper's site, her psychic artist had drawn a face exactly like the model that I had made; it was Merlin,. St Germaine, of the violet ray of healing. In one incarnation, he was said to have lived as Merlin. So was the head I had made a coincidence? Bearing in mind that what I do maybe classed as magic, and I had been using the name of Merlin for many years.

Later I did another face, I thought it was me until I found a photograph and realised it was my grandfather I had modelled. I have to admit, I am turning into my grandfather.

Last year I came to the conclusion that if I could work with clay, I should be able to draw. So I decided to go on a weekend at Folkstone, run by Lynda and Sally, Debbie Dean was the tutor and despite her efforts to enlighten me, I found I was useless. Being a perfectionist in my past life, (Dental Technician) I came home and drew every night while watching television. My attempts got better, I was not aware any were guided, (just like with clay) but strangely enough, some did turn out to be. I did over four hundred drawings, Debbie said she had spawned a monster.

At a later date, I was talking to a friend when he stopped talking and just stared ahead, after a few moments he apologised, he said that dozens of faces had come towards him, he was just about to get up and run, when they vanished. Were some of these faces he saw, some of the ones that I had drawn?

I will leave it to Debbie though.

That is my story up until now; I have tried to be brief. I will be touching on some of the aspects above in the different sections.